The Dying Seconds – Goodnight Satelight

Not much music makes me tear up but then I listen to a lot of the stuff so can on any given day be in floods. Today’s droplets are as a result of our very own Dying Seconds (Dave Cantan and a few others) who as well as making the best electronic music in the land also feel the need to give it away for free. Noble gesture or just a grand plan to rope us in and then extract lorry loads of dosh when the next Dying Seconds opus is unfurled, who knows. ‘Goodnight Satelight’ is a dramatic effort, a coiled spring that slowly leaks its kinetic energy until its inevitable demise. Levity is somewhat restored by the young fella’s wanton disregard for melodrama towards the end. A double middle finger up Ian Dempsey’s nose. KD

The Dying Seconds – Goodnight Satelight

More Info: Official & Myspace
D/L Songs: The Dying Seconds
Year: 2008

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