The Empire Strikes Back!

Quite how much nouveau noise will be appearing on this blog remains to be seen given how those in higher positions are starting to rattle the change box in front of music bloggers from round these parts. Darragh, Nialler and Jim have all explained the situation clearly so check out the reaction and watch this space (empty though it may be very soon) for tearful shutdown notices (on the eve of our 5th birthday too, boo hoo). Blimey, if having to anxiously wait for blogger to delete auld hugger wasn’t bad enough we now have the spectre of a court appearance because we’ve spent too much time writing about the bands we love. Wonder if Seanie or Fingers had had a music blog whether they’d have had to endure the same appreciation, nah I’m sure they’d have called in a few favours and just posted a high bitrate version of the new Band of Horses album instead. And to make matters worse beautiful Barca were dumped out tonight too. Makes for a load of cinnte, as supplied by this really fine electronic act from Galway called Nouveaunoise. KD

Nouveaunoise – Cinnte

More Info: Official & Myspace
Free Songs: Nouveaunoise
Year: 2010

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