Venice Is Sinking – Tugboat

Venice Is Sinking
I have been listening to ‘Sand & Lines’ for a few days now and as usual with Venice is Sinking records I am in raptures. The album was recorded live in the Georgia Theatre in Athens with the aid of only 2 microphones. This is something I’d imagine only a handful of bands around today would even consider attempting, the fact that they’ve triumphed by producing something so warm and inventive proves yet again what a truly special troupe they are (I can’t imagine Christmas without ‘The Grey Line’ for example). ‘Sand & Lines’ is a mix of originals and covers (they’ve made ‘Jolene’ palatable) but each track shimmers in that unique VIS way. Central to their sound is the lush instrumental progressions and the heartstring tugging twin vocals of Karolyn Troupe and Daniel Lawson. This means that ‘Sand & Lines’ is both raw and beautiful and occasionally just downright spellbinding. The audio is cloudy at times which is understandable given the set up and if anything adds to the feeling that this is VIS’s moment. Take in one of the highlights at the crescendo of this Galaxie 500 cover, my tear ducts never stood a chance. KD

Venice Is Sinking – Tugboat

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Year: 2010

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