Tears Run Rings – Waiting For The End

We had Tears Run Rings on here just February gone, a 2010 track (or should I say a demo) from their forthcoming LP ‘Distance’. The shoegaze memories that song elicited meant that we went foraging to see if there was more of the same in their vaults. And wouldn’t you know it their debut ‘Always, Sometimes, Seldom, Never’ is stuffed full of jumped up slowdive artefacts. Not that that is meant as any sort of diss as using that band as a template is both brave and intriguing. And on ‘Waiting For An End’ it is downright affecting, tear smudgingly so, conjuring as it does the sensation that so propelled the seminal ‘Just For A Day’. So happy there is no distance left to run. KD

Tears Run Rings – Waiting For The End

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Year: 2010

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