The Innocence Mission – The Happy Mondays

Just about an infinite spread of galaxies away from the band of the same name and while we’ve been known to king monkey to their groovy swagger sometimes it’s nice to immerse oneself in something altogether more soothing. The Innocence Mission are a most beautiful proposition and in Karen Peris they have a singer to swoon for (her husband Don plays chords). You’ll find their name pop up on this site every few years and appearances usually coincide with a new record. The latest is called ‘My Room In The Trees’ and doesn’t veer too far from their pristine template. Apart from Peris’s gorgeously fragile singing there is much to admire in the music, which never distracts from the main event but is essential to the trio’s sound. Perfect for any day of the week. KD

The Innocence Mission – The Happy Mondays

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Year: 2010

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