Grand Pocket Orchestra – I Deal In Bits And Bobs

Photo: Loreana Rushe

Our 9 month old has fallen in love with her first hipster band. Thinking about it logically however that last sentence is built on completely false pretences. First of all Grand Pocket Orchestra are not hip and probably will never be at the cutting edge of cool. Secondly my instinct for Eve’s sleep eyed glee is more down to GPO’s use of sounds that closely mimic the plastic toys that sing songs to her and are forever in places that make daddy slip to the ground in a twisted heap. But for all GPO’s twee excursions I can’t help but love the cut of their jib. Their chaotic debut album ‘The Ice Cream’ flaps about with uncontrolled abandon, herds of sonic furry darts consistently missing the target by a country mile. In many ways it hardly matters because with 18 tracks (many sub 2 minute affairs) there is nearly always a bullseye diversion just around the corner. ‘I Deal In Bits And Bobs’ is one such, disorder is ditched for once and what emerges, while still eclectic, amounts to an utterly loveable tune. I really don’t know what I’m gonna do with GPO, for all the time they are sent to the bold corner I can’t help but givie them an loving embrace before they toddle off for another day. KD

Grand Pocket Orchestra – I Deal In Bits And Bobs

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Year: 2010

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