Kill Krinkle Club – 59

Given the squalid reports of moral and monetary bankruptcy occupying the wires daily (the media have to take a lot blame themselves for protecting their drinking buddies in power) is it not somewhat reassuring that we were able to find the necessary to occupy these pages with superb acts from our doomed little island. They say the best music (and footballers) spring from hard times so here’s to the expected front pages on Rolling Stone and easy passages to major tournaments. If only. Today’s instalment comes from Dubliner’s (well half of them anyway) Kill Krinkle Club who used to prefer guitars but have opted instead for electro devices on their debut LP ‘Abandon’. I’ve yet to be convinced that this was the correct course of action but then they’ve never quite recorded anything as mesmerising and complex as ’59’ so perhaps they were right all along. Take some time to absorb as this is really beautiful. KD

Kill Krinkle Club – 59

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Year: 2010

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