SnowblindWaltz – Bread Van

‘If you would like to sample SNOWBLIND WALTZ, they would be happy to m a k e you a copy of their four-track cassette. You provide the blank tape and 40p and it’s yours.’ So went the piece in the Galway Advertiser towards the end of March 1990, only 20 short years ago but an altogether different world. I’d heard of the band via a Fanning Session and they sounded much more soft and jangly than this song but somehow this was my favourite track from their one and only album ‘Sheer’. Probably because it sounded like Whipping Boy before they became famous. SnowblindWaltz were friends with Toasted Heretic back then and look at Julian Gough now, award-winning novelist no less. Pity poor Snowblind Waltz, they’ve melted away, confined to near forgotten memories of a Galway that still rains just as much to this day. KD

SnowblindWaltz – Bread Van

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Year: 1995

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