The Goodmen – Give It Up

Last weekend I engaged in a little youtube DJ’ing via text with a friend. The theme was the dance anthems that had fuelled our binges back in the mid to late 90’s. This was all undertaken against a backdrop of the weekly iron and the daily baby bottle sterilisation but it still managed to get its fair share of hair on end moments. One of those came courtesy of the Goodmen’s ‘Give It Up’ from way back in 1993. Simply Red sampled the samba parts heavily for their mega hit ‘Fairground’ and in one fell swoop the Dutch duo of Zki and Dobre probably earned more money than they did for the rest of their career. ‘Give It Up’ should really have pulled longevity for its obvious football anthem appeal but somehow it has drifted into the ether. Won’t stop us from playing it to the Russian’s next Friday mind. KD

The Goodmen – Give It Up

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The Good Men
Year: 1993

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