Candy Claws – Snowflake Eel Wish

It’s been bitter in Dublin for the last 48 days and for once it has nothing to do with the harsh economic climate or our biggest export. The degrees have really nosedived and last night we had the pleasure of trying to sleep through endless thunder/lightning/hail, not exactly the soft fluffy snow we prefer at this time of year but if landscapes in blanket white are your thing then you should swing by. So in an attempt to defrost blue fingertips I decided to take a trip back to Candy Claws last album but one (the snow reference). Note the warm fuzzy feeling inside your pit once it works its magic, before too long those watery melodies will render you akin to that kid all aglow in the readybrek ads from yesteryear. What a special gift they truly have. KD

Candy Claws – Snowflake Eel Wish

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Year: 2009

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