The Riddle Of The Rap Or How My Hip Went Hop

I listen to a lot of music, tons of it in fact and it’s not confined to what presents itself via headphones. I could be watching an advert for blueberry juice and the interesting background sound will have me hurtling towards search engines to see who the song is by. But, for all the music I have listened to over the last few years I have never knowingly (as in later found out it was by them) heard a song by Kanye West, Jay-Z or 50 cent. Granted I don’t listen to the radio that often but even when I do I can’t recall a single occasion where the mid-Atlantic twang announces that the song just played was from one of the trio. Kanye appears to have a huge profile, he’s everywhere, mentioned in dispatches far and wide and yet I know everything there is to know about his teeth and nothing whatsoever about his voice. Now I’m not saying that I couldn’t find the goods on youtube yet there’s no need to do that for Lady Gaga and I could whistle all her big hits. What is it about rappers, are they part of the biggest secret club in the world or do I have a congenital condition that blocks out music where the artist employs a shimmying pitter patter rather than the traditional vocal harmony? KD

The Streets – Empty Cans

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Year: 2004

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  1. November 26, 2010

    I know what you mean. When I decided to start figuring out what these rap titans actually sounded like, I had to seek them out. I listen to Jay-Z on YouTube probably once every couple of weeks when I get sick of everything else.

  2. Anonymous
    December 18, 2010

    actually kanye is a great rappper, his raps actually mean something. he is one of the “good Ones”. his songs are deep, he’s very talented. i feel if you listen to his albums you will be very pleased. i can’t say it enough, he’s VERY talented!!

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