Black Tambourine – Dream Baby Dream

Hope you like our shapely (and I’m not referring to our ‘all the appearances of a fattened turkey without the feathers’ body) new design. Not a whole lot of difference from the way it looked before but it had been a couple of years since the last overhaul so it felt almost mandatory. Anyway, the bulk of what was for all intents and purposes a mad scramble around Ireland with tinsel and baby in tow has come to a halt and normality is returning. 2011 is going to bring fresh challenges as this blog is due to turn into a full time pursuit (along with other inventive meal winning endeavours). It is frightening the pants off me (were it not for my bloated hips they’d be flat on the floor) but in other ways this could potentially be a great experience. Anyroad, to kick start the new campaign here are our old friends (well aren’t everyone on Slumberland?) Black Tambourine with their 100% genuine retro classic ‘Dream Baby Dream’ (a Suicide cover). KD

Black Tambourine – Dream Baby Dream

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Year: 1991

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