Adrian Crowley – Pay No Mind (To The Dawn Cryer)

I used to love my Sunday morning posts. I’d wake as normal at the crack of dawn and search and shuffle to find a song that befitted the calm and tranquillity that only this time of the week brings. Lately of course we have our own little personal cockerel who makes non-essential tasks something that can be looked after once the moment has passed. Wouldn’t change it for the world but now that she is at about 32 in a series of 40 winks I thought I’d dish out something appropriate from down West, namely Adrian Crowley who really belongs in the space between periods of hyperactivity. ‘Pay No Mind (To The Dawn Cryer)’ comes from 2009’s award winning ‘Season of the Sparks’ LP, an enjoyable romp that nonetheless takes some patience to sit through as a whole. This is an undeniable highlight with a gentle pulsing momentum that reaches for a quiet crescendo with Crowley’s endearing vocals guiding the way. KD

Adrian Crowley – Pay No Mind (To The Dawn Cryer)

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Year: 2009

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  1. lesley
    January 24, 2011

    i often define my moods by music and sometimes music defines my moods for me. one of those occasions where everything i seem to be playing right now is folk and i’m loving the vibe. adrian is nice. i’m ok with your featured track; i would probably want to hear more. just now looking at the youtube video. thanks for posting this. very timely for me.

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