Christopher Willits – Light Into Branches

Christopher Willits ain’t your common-or-garden artist, there are many strings to his bow (teacher, philospher) so even if his music doesn’t do for him what he wishes then a life on social welfare remains unlikely. His musical output is staggering, as ‘Tiger Flower Circle Sun’ is his latest in a 20+ LP discography. Willits occupies the foggy electronica/dream pop divide as evidenced by the intricate ‘Light Into Branches’ (the light of which doesn’t appear until the 2 minute mark, but what a bright shot it is), which was inspired by an serious injury that self healed (told you he was one of a kind) against the better wishes of medical advice. Slightly challenging ‘Light Into Branches’ offers plenty of rewards and even for the casual listener trips along like a swoosh of airy background noise. KD

Christopher Willits – Light Into Branches

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Year: 2010

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