CYMBALS – Good Luck

If this be Math (Maths?) Rock give me sum more please. Yes, a track from the new year and it only 5 days old (‘Good Luck’ originally surfaced last summer but in the spirit of presenting things as if they were just off the press and we were the first to mention it let’s gloss over this truth shall we). Something tells me that this will be turning up in our best of 2011 in 11 months time and this despite sounding as bare as a supermodel’s dinner plate in the opening passages. There’s a time for stripped down sound clouds and London’s finest CYMBALS (caps off to them) have it down to perfection. The vocals by Jack the lad are suitably laconic in a sleepy half dozen red bulls downed kind of way, kinda sorry he doesn’t yelp at any stage such are the teeth that are so carefully gritted. These CYMBALS eat guitars and any other instrument they can lay their hands on. KD

CYMBALS – Good Luck

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Year: 2011

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