The Twin Atlas – It Ever Happened

I’m kinda of annoyed with myself at how I could have come to miss the Twin Atlas (after writing this paragraph I discovered I hadn’t, memory collapsing here). I mean they create the perfect template for every song that I hold dear, namely indie pop nuggets with lush harmonies and fine jangling chords. Think Teenage Fanclub or our very own the Very Most and you get the drift. Well, my annoyance was sparked by the realisation that Sean Byrne with Lucas Zaleski of the Twin Atlas are no more. After 10 years and 10 LP’s they’ve decided to call it a day so I shall never get to savour that feeling on the day of a new release, pity. That said I’m only at the start of a voyage of discovery of their back catalogue so fun times ahead. If ‘It Ever Happened’ (and how could this warm breeze of loveliness not be) is your bag then all 10 Twin Atlas releases can be downloaded for free from their site, a world of happiness awaits. KD

The Twin Atlas – It Ever Happened

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Year: 2010

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