TV Girl – Oh Land

Wowsers, this really is something to treasure. Once TV Girl ran their shimmering sounds through my ear canal hair I was like putty in their hands. Yeah, if there is such a thing as love at first sight in a musical discovery sense then I am head over heels. I mean in amorous Tom Cruise manic cushion jumping mode. You see the 4-track ‘TV Girl’ EP is utterly beguiling. The sound is hardly high fidelity, in fact the boom is so cluttered at times it is bound to cloy for some. TV Girl don’t go much in for biographical detail save as to say that they come from San Diego and they are called TV Girl. Doesn’t matter though because no amount of history could add to this band’s perfect score on the huggameter. ‘On Land’ is just perfect, pitching itself beside several New Order classic’s and even finding time to do a Bernard Summer’s whoop. I need to lie down and listen to this EP (free too on their bandcamp) again to make sure this is not my favourite release ever. KD

TV Girl – On Land

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Year: 2010

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