DeVotchKa – 100 Other Lovers

When last we looked Denver’s uncategorisable DeVotchKa were offering violent war games a porthole into their soul, making for an unforgettable piece of television. Joe Public also visited them when they soundtracked the sleeper (yet ultimately overrated) hit ‘Little Miss Sunshine’. And they can probably expect to make it a hat-trick of success with the March release of their new album ‘100 Lovers’. Part of the reason that they haven’t seen huge traction could well be down to their name but with songs as pretty ‘100 Other Lovers’ on the cards that could all be about. Even more so when you consider the cutesy promo video it comes packaged with. DeVotchKa could yet prove that doing it your own way may not get you there quickly but gets you there eventually without the need for a sold out sign. KD

DeVotchKa – 100 Other Lovers

More Info: Official
Buy Songs: DeVotchKa
Year: 2011

And the promo for Gears of War featuring ‘How It Ends’…

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  1. Kathy
    February 7, 2011

    Thanks for posting Devotchka! They definitely need more attention.

    Also, anyone checking out Nicole Atkins’ Mondo Amore on Tuesday??

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