Elastica – Waking Up

While they were never quite as good as they were touted to be (not to mention the claims for plagarism by members of Wire and the Stranglers that saw them in and out of court) and the presence of a broody love spat between Blur and Suede’s lead singer over the affection of lead singer Justine Frischmann Elastica helped the cause Elastica certainly deserve their place in the annals of rock history. Despite a second release in 2000 it was their self-titled debut in the mid nineties that they’ll be remembered for, namely an album that contained a succession of hugely successful singles ‘Stutter’, ‘Line-up’, ‘Connection’ and this little ditty ‘Waking Up’ which is my favourite. If you can sidestep the similarities with ‘No More Heroes’ (should be easy for those under 35) then you are listening to the perfect distillation of post punk. Frischmann had the snear and her co-conspirators (2 girls/1 boy) perfected their roles in the shadows to create the grand illusion that back in 1995 most of the press and readers of NME were quite willing to fall for (‘Elastica’ sold a whopping million copies). KD

Elastica – Waking Up

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Year: 1995

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