Siriusmo – Einmal In Der Woche Schreien

Speaking of Friday night beats to banish away those Monday avo blues here is Berliner Moritz Friedrich, as Siriusmo, who probably takes himself too seriously but that still doesn’t deter him from his sideline as children’s entertainer. Friedrich isin’t one for standing on ceremony either as the totality of his self-penned bio extends to a mere half a dozen words. Quite funny but nobody should give a hoot especially since he is picking up more than peanuts from his label Monkeytown. ‘Einmal In Der Woche Schreien’ from his latest LP ‘Mosaik’ is a skittering joy, pulsing with more life than a thousand pulses it puts the I back in IDM. That said you should really see his balloons as a bank of korg. KD

Siriusmo – Einmal In Der Woche Schreien

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Year: 2011

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