Cashier No. 9 – Oh Pity

How come all the best pop songs are coming from North of the border these days? Two Door Cinema Club are certainly beating a trail and for all their shortcomings they do have some splendid songs. Kowalski are even better, they nail a proper tune every time and already have at least half a dozen we can whistle to. Which brings us to potentially the best of the trio, Cashier No. 9 who’ve previously impressed us greatly but nothing could prepare us for the majesty of their new ‘Goldstar’ EP. The undoubted star is the lead song but the 3 other tracks are also hugely enjoyable as you’ll hear from ‘Oh Pity’. This is big and while those sorts of things tend to be vacuous it instead uses all of its grand sweep to usher in wonderful harmonies and impressive arrangements. The Belfast band were recently signed to Bella Union who intend releasing their debut ‘To The Death of Fun’ early in the summer. No longer grim ooop north. KD

Cashier No. 9 – Oh Pity

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Year: 2011

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  1. March 24, 2011

    The new stuff is really, really great. It’s defi gonna be their year.

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