Ghost Pal – I Don’t Know

And while we’re in a Fleet Foxes kind of mood here is someone who is playing around their backyard while they produce the goods indoors. Ghost Pal is Oliver Ignatius and under that guise he conspires to produce a classic pop sound. His airs have an altogether familiar ring to them but never sound tired or contrived. And I know all this without having to shed a penny because the spirit of Ghost Pal levitates for free on his bandcamp site. Ghost Pal is never less than pleasant and never more than enough. KD

Ghost Pal – I Don’t Know

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Year: 2011

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  1. Ghost Pal
    March 31, 2011

    Thanks for the mention! To be never less than pleasant is warm praise indeed. I (and we under the Ghost Pal banner) hope you’ll continue enjoying our further transmissions
    love Oliver

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