The Happy Mondays – Dennis And Lois

The Happy Mondays may have been justifiably derided in certain quarters (as much for their antics as their music) for their later output but there is no denying that their third album ‘Pills ‘n’ Thrills and Bellyaches’ is a bona fide classic. Along with the Stone Roses they were the Madchester poster boys (if that is not an oxymoron) and always made for enthralling copy. Led by Shaun Ryder this was a band with a default setting set to excess and while this hardly affected their loose anthems early doors it eventually saw the band unravelling in spectacular fashion in the west indies of all places. By 1990 the Mancunians had reached the peak of their powers and even though ‘Pills’s three main singles (‘Kinky Afro’, ‘Step On’ and ‘Loose Fit’) got most of the attention there was lots besides to keep Bez and the rest of us in angular shape throwing mode. ‘God’s Cop’ was a particularly diligent industrial workout, ‘Harmony’ a slightly balmy psychedelic comedown and this one ‘Dennis And Lois’ the perfect scene setter for side two. It illustrates Ryder’s perfect handle on clean melody and how good it sounded against a most perfect of rollicking backdrops. KD

The Happy Mondays – Dennis And Lois

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Year: 1990

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