The Stone Roses – Standing Here

The follow up to the Stone Roses eponymous debut was a crushing blow. I had worshipped at their altar for nearly half a decade, collected every single and hard to source early recording so the thoughts of a second long player filled with me unparalleled joy. The day of the release I scurried home at lunchtime and listened as radiant smile was slowly replaced with the shocked realisation that they’d completely blown it. ‘The Second Coming’ was a dog, full of leaden work outs, half thoughts and half measures, a lumpen piece of work that felt like it was cobbled together by Brush Shields and the cast of Anything Goes. I quickly ditched the cd and returned to Sally after spending a few minutes with ‘Begging You’, a few more with ‘Your Love Will Shine’ and perhaps the longest with ‘Ten Story Love Song’ which was the only tune which stood up to their early work. Fuck, this feeling of nausea I’m getting must mean I’m still upset, should have had it looked at back in the day. Ah well, I guess I’m still standing here, which is something. KD

The Stone Roses – Standing Here

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Year: 1989

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