Secret Cities – Love Crime

For an act that took 5 years to record its debut it must rank as one of life’s sweet achievements that Secret Cities made the follow up in less than one. Perhaps it was the fact that the recordings took place in the basement safe of a disused bank in Kansas that lent itself to their steely determination but regardless their work ethic has produced a unique work. Secret Cities display an outwardly experimental ring but the melodies they exhibit are such that the detours and about turns are somehow masked as pure pop. ‘Love Crime’ has a lo-fi whiff, a Grizzly Bear growl and a tender grip that won’t relent until you do. Of course you should after the very first listen, how could anyone resist this vision of Motown had it played out and evolved every year until the present. Quite remarkable and certainly one for the vaults. KD

Secret Cities – Love Crime

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Year: 2011

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