Rollerskate Skinny – One Thousand Couples

Probably going to sidestep Ken Griffin’s new found countrified ways with Favourite Sons. Heartbreaking to see the dying of the din but then age and beardy growth is something that we all have to put up with. Which in plain English means that Griffin has firmly left his past with one of Dublin’s greatest (yet largely unheralded) band’s Rollerskate Skinny behind him. I was always more partial to their second LP ‘Horsedrawn Wishes’, a noisefest that legitimately challenged ‘Loveless’ in its raging invention. It has so many dastardly delights it meant I was willing to risk permanent hearing loss to witness their incendiary performances in Whelan’s in the 90’s. On stage Griffin often hid all expression behind a mop of unruly hair which added to the mystique of the mad genius (something that Kevin Shields was also adept at cultivating). Listening to the insane surges on ‘One Thousand Couples’ it is difficult to believe he was anything else but a genius for although an album track it is nonetheless a bona fide classic. KD

Rollerskate Skinny – One Thousand Couples

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Year: 1996

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