Tape Deck Mountain – P.I.

Probably showing my age and awful taste in 80’s TV shows but I read the title of this song and constantly prefix it with Magnum. Anyway, enough about my sordid past we’re to exclaim the joy of yet another Lefse artist to stoke our fancy. This time it’s a trio from San Diego called Tape Deck Mountain, a suitable moniker for sure because they sound like the era that media format was all the rage. ‘P.I.’ is an unwieldy tune with industrial sounding chords and vocals that fall just short of howl. But for all its effrontery there is something magnetic about the way it builds and creates definition where it ought not to exist. They are messing with our minds and we really don’t give a higgins. KD

Tape Deck Mountain – P.I.

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Year: 2011

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