The Very Most – Alien Girl

The Very Most - Eardrumspop Single

Can I first appeal for a bit of calm, the screams and shrieks of anguish have become so loud I can hardly hear myself think. Yes, The Very Most have released 2 singles without the Indiecater logo in close attendance but we are still tied to the hip when it comes to music making and its delivery into the wider world. By the time it gets a lot colder and the shops are a lot twinklier a very special record shall issue from the indie pop king that is Jeremy Jensen (and friends) and we will be there with him waxing as lyrically as possible from the sidelines. Until then we have the resplendent Eardrumspop single to warm our cockles, a 3 part delight that can be downloaded for free. As ever Knut and his gang (including our very own Tim) have surpassed themselves with the digital packaging and all round information included in the zip file. What a great label. The highlight from the EP is undoubtedly ‘Alien Girl’, an old Jensen song that has been updated/upgraded/fortified with extra goodness, and surely matches anything in the Very Most pristine canon of jangling wonders. The vocal interplay with Gia at 2.30 is already one of the highlights of our musical year – perfection. KD

The Very Most – Alien Girl

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Year: 2011

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  1. June 13, 2011

    Ha-only noticing this now and thanks for the mention! They wouldn’t have come to to the attention of Knut, Stefan or myself without you Kevin! I hear Jeremy is coming back to Dublin in Dec and am looking forward to the Indiecater release and gig night:-)

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