Ambulance LTD – Stay Where You Are

Just back from a Northern soaking only to find the homestead to be bathing in sunshine. Still we had 4 days of ducks, rivers and lots of the material that floats both of their boats. Took a break from listening to music apart from one random shuffle on an old player I use while travelling. The best thing about the rickety piece of technology is that it is stuffed full of ye olde indie tunes that I have mostly forgotten about. In this case it is the wonderful New Yorkers Ambulance LTD who appear to have stuttered to a stop following an EP back in 2006 (catastrophic label issues and band member departures have hardly helped). To date they’ve only one ‘LP’ to their name, a glorious effort that emerged in 2004. ‘Stay Where You Are’ was one of its 3 singles but there is much more to savor besides, jangle is at the crux of it all but the vocals more than match their gilded attractiveness. KD

Ambulance LTD – Stay Where You Are

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Year: 2004

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  1. Gearoid
    June 12, 2011

    Heard a track called “Anecdote” from these guys back in 2005 and thought it was very good (it came on a free CD from WORD magazine). I was wondering what happened to them.

    That track “Heavy Lifting” is excellent. I hope they do make a reappearance.

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