Caged Animals – Girls On Medication

Brooklyn’s Caged Animals step into summer with a slice of pitch-perfect pop perfection. Their track ‘Girls on Medication’ is a hazy, breezy three-chord strummer glazed with ample-but-not-overpowering amounts of shoegazey guitar noise and high-flying keyboard arpeggios.

Too many bands these days are slathering pop songs with reverb and feedback to manufacture that “sun-kissed” feel, but Caged Animals show some restraint with the post-production, allowing for some welcome clarity in the mix without lessening that sand-between-the-toes feeling of a summer jam. This is a tune that proves that pop music shines brightest when kept simple.

Vocalist Vincent Cacchione lazily carries the melody in a slacker monotone, wistfully pining for the girl of his dreams to materialize. I find myself sympathizing, hoping that this protagonist somehow finds the right girl on the right drugs at the right time- despite his ineptitude, and enjoys a happy ending free from negative side effects.

Joseph Avary

Caged Animals – Girls On Medication

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Year: 2011

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