For Those Who Know – Wimbledon

How about this for timing eh? Summer has officially begun, because Wimbledon is on the telly and all the supermarkets have emptied of Robinson’s Lemon Barley Water. Pity the current characters on Centre Court are about as diluted as that classic ball boy refreshing device. Anyway, ‘Wimbledon’s appearance here is purely coincidental to anything happening in London for it was only the other day that James Vehslage, of disbanded Austin shoegazers For Those Who Know, got in touch. Seems the group had an album in their canon that they never released, until now that is. It’s called ‘Pop Sickle’ and it pretty much sums up everything I cherish about music. Namely, the juxtaposition of white noise, melody and pure as driven snow vocals. And there is plenty of other gems amongst the 5 other original tunes (there are also 2 remixes). I close my eyes, my heart slows to a crawl and suddenly it feels like 1992 all over again. This elixir of youth is available to purchase on bandcamp. KD

For Those Who Know – Wimbledon

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Year: 2011

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