Burning Codes – We Are Like Gold

We released the 3rd Burning Codes album ‘Rivers of Hope’ under our sister label Indiecater last month and it marked the culmination of 3 years (and 3 albums) in the company of Paul Archer and his collaborators. This time, rather than just giving it a digital release we went the whole hog and made a CD. How very 1990’s of us I hear you say, but some works just feel more natural when coming from a hard media format. And ‘Rivers of Hope’ is one such LP, an album which sees Archer mature as a songwriter. Not only are his themes of hope and redemption fully realised but his songs are bigger, brighter and more arresting. None more so than ‘Rivers of Hope’s opening salvo ‘We Are Like Gold’, a veritable turbo charged stomper that is quite unlike anything that Burning Codes have thusfar conspired to create. On a personal level it has been a difficult year for Paul but ‘Rivers of Hope’ is serving to announce a bright new future for him and his family. The album is available to buy (and stream) directly from Indiecater, Bandcamp and every online store known to man. KD

Burning Codes – We Are Like Gold

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Year: 2011

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