Grand Pocket Orchestra – Ooh La Te Woo

I would have posted this sooner owing to its pure brilliance but held back because I needed to work out what it sounded like. I knew there was a forerunner but for several days the gears in my head were just not crunching up the correct source. Then, after a particularly ragged football game the clouds cleared and out popped Julian Koster and his Singing Saw who together created one of the oddest Christmas albums ever. You may know him from his other bands, the Music Tapes and Neutral Milk Hotel, but I know him best for his odd musical forays with an instrument/horror movie device.

Anyway, that is all a big fat aside for what is the main course tonight, that being our very own Grand Pocket Orchestra and their onward march to recognition. They still throw curveball’s but ‘Ooh La Te Woo’ should garner an audience bored to the back of their yellow urban teeth with staid chorus verse chorus ensembles. I’ve always loved ’em, even more so when they created a classic Nigerian football song for us about this time last year. You could even say I just love posting GPO songs (geddit!), and intend to continue with this fine tradition as soon as their, ‘as yet untitled’ (could that be a good name for it?), new album arrives some time next month. KD

Grand Pocket Orchestra – Ooh La Te Woo

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Year: 2011

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