Tropical Popsicle – The Age of Attraction

In the annals of independent music, the 2010’s may come to be known as the decade of the bedroom artist. It seems anybody with a four-track and three chords has an equal opportunity to set the blogosphere on fire with a worthy tune, though few have chosen a better nom de plume than Timothy Hines has for his project Tropical Popsicle.

On ‘The Age of Attraction’, Tropical Popsicle takes the black turtleneck and dark sunglasses vibe of the Velvet Underground’s ‘Waiting for My Man’ and sprinkles sunshine, sand, and seawater on it to create a sound the artist describes as “beach goth”. It works well, updating the fuzzy, reverbed-out California slacker sound that’s so popular these days with a darker, ominous edge, making ‘The Age of Attraction’ stand out as an alternative to the typical summer bubblegum.

Tropical Popsicle has a 7″ out on San Diego’s Volar Records and some East Coast tour dates planned for this August.

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Tropical Popsicle – The Age of Attraction

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Year: 2011

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