Radical Dads – Recklessness

Whoever said “good things come in small packages” must have been referring to the monster new track from Radical Dads. ‘Recklessness’ clocks in at just over two minutes but the Brooklyn trio makes the most of it, cranking the guitars up to eleven and churning out an anthemic fist-pumper that conjures visions of flannel shirts and Doc Martens boots.

The tension starts building from the very beginning as drums pound and cymbals crash underneath the most massive guitar tone I’ve heard in quite some time. Singer Lindsey Belts out the lyrics like “watch out that you don’t get caught” with the intensity of vintage Superchunk, reinforcing the 90’s rock revival vibe while still sounding incredibly fresh in today’s indie rock landscape.

Radical Dads debut LP, Mega Rama is out now and available from their bandcamp.

Joseph Avary

Radical Dads – Recklessness

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Year: 2011

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