Sleeping Bags – Pehr

For a time we took a shining to Princeton, in fact so enamoured were we that one of their tracks was included on an Indiecater compilation of ours. It was only on further inspection, after a quick romance involving ‘Pehr’, that it emerged that Matt and Jesse Kivel from the band have diverted to Sleeping Bags along with 2 other buddies. Bit of a remove from the day job if ‘Pehr’ is anything to go by. A shift from sucrose indie pop to 7 minute plus eccentricity that drifts from kraut rock to something like our old mates Sound Team used to produce. This is a glamous exhibition of naked creation and while it might lack an epicentre we can’t help but waltz endlessly in its company. KD

Sleeping Bags – Pehr

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Year: 2011

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