Real Estate – Municipality

Of course I should have copped this quicker given the salivating murmurs I was receiving from respected corners. Real Estate, a name that does little to indicate anything about the delights they purvey, and their album new album ‘Days’ is a supernova bolt from the jangle pop blue and it has taken the powerhouse indie label Domino to shine an adoring light. You’ll know our penchant for soft rolling chords and Real Estate appear to have hills of the stuff. We’re currently going weak at the knees listening to ‘Municipality’, owing to its sucrose playing and Martin Courtney’s Ridesque vocal ponderances. It’s enough to give you amnesia regarding modern day worries, or to bullet point it we’re just Going Blank Again. Real Estate, as safe as Houses (exit stage lefse). KD

Real Estate – Municipality

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Year: 2011

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