Lower Dens – Brains

One of the unexpected consequences of listening to so much new music is that when I’m asked for a recommendation I am often stumped. A thousand bands circulate around my cranium and rarely does one peep over the precipice and offer itself to the expectant questioner. Thank the lord then for Lower Dens who have not only scooped top spot on our songs of the year last year but with 2012 a mere few days old they are already making inroads into a near impervious heart. Jana Hunter and her crew have just offered the first twinkling from upcoming album ‘Nootropics’ (end of May) and boy is it showing some brawn. So much so that I’ve started to tingle as if my torso had turned tooth-like and chewed on a gold coin. ‘Brains’ is effortless and beats a path to my door that leaves me with nothing but open arms. So if you’re asking, you should definitely check out Lower Dens. KD

Lower Dens – Brains

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Year: 2012

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