Swimming – Tigershark

Now and then the shuffling feature of my music player has an uncanny knack of hitting a rich seam of dreamy new tunes. It’s as if it can tell when I’m not going off on a wholesale cull, recognising the constituents of my taste and recalibrating itself to eek out tunes of a similiar ilk. This morning there was one such occurence wherein the tattered delete button was given a much deserved break over the course over half a dozen beauties. The instigator was this tune that comes from 4 years ago via mid-England band Swimming who we’ve fallen for previously on their wild as horses near-instrumental ‘Albatross CC’. Thankfully John Sampson and co. are still active and hopefully set to make more output as incandescent as this. KD

Swimming – Tigershark

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Year: 2008

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