The Mummers – Your Voice

When a friend of mine, who was as ecstatic about music as me back in the day, recently pointed out that most new music was in fact old music dressed up in new clothes I couldn’t but agree. It’s either riding on the coattails of an electro prancer from the 80’s or else shrouded in the mysterious allure of a dark clothed being from a little bit more recently. The net effect is toe tapping, yet altogether too familiar to create tingletime. Sad really, but we do operate within the narrow confines of the indie niche when all around a thousand other genres are going through a period of sixties style invention. Thank the lord then for Raissa Khan-Panni and her Mummers project which, despite little resembling popular acclaim, has given us more than a little cause for hope. ‘Mink Hollow Road’ is all you’ll need to restore the faith. KD

The Mummers – Your Voice

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Year: 2011

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