September Girls – Hells Bells

This is dirtier than a battered burger but my how quickly it has made an impression heart-wise (in a much more organic way than the aforementioned coronary disorder-maker it must be said). With John Haggis (of Emperor of Ice Cream fame) on production this 5-piece from Dublin knocked out a trio of future classics in record time for their first demo. ‘Hells Bells’ is the opening track and although it suffers from drowned volume it fidgets and agitates with a deliciously accomplished ear for melody. September Girls are veterans of sorts, having previously orchestrated under Talulah Does the Hula and the experience could well turn them into Ireland’s own Dum Dum Girls. Despite that reference I know which one the clever money is going on. KD

September Girls – Hells Bells

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Year: 2012

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