Team Me – Show Me

Hardly a surprise that the I generation has spawned a band called Team Me but then only an old fart would make such a connection. The music for its part (and I’m basing this completely on the one song I’ve heard from them) is superb, full of pristine structure with an equally strong bridge and chorus. This is what the Arcade Fire used to do when the city centre inspired them, a semi-euphoric glory that makes you want to punch the air in a way that certain parts of ‘And The Glass Handed Kites’ did. The latter comparison might not be too far off the mark either given Team Me’s north european base. Now that they’ve shown us it may be time to head ‘To The Treetops’. KD

Team Me – Show Me

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Year: 2011

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  1. March 14, 2012

    Great video of an amazing song. Keep up the great posts!!

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