Peileton (featuring Youth Mass – Sea Of Green)


You should know by now, even if you’re not a football fan, that Euro 2012 is just around the corner. As you’d expect we’re in a bit of a lather at the prospect of it all and this time around things are even more exciting as Ireland are making their first appearance at a major championships in 10 years. There’s definitely some great stories in the making, one of which will undoubtedly involve the 11 lads behind the Pedal To Poland campaign. It’s only 1500 kilometres to Gdansk and Matthew and his team will complete their journey by pushbike all in the name of charity. They have a big night planned tomorrow (May 22nd) in the Grand Social and by the looks of the itinerary it should be a great practise session for those heading over to Poland. As an extra treat you’ll be welcomed by the dulcet tones of our very own ‘Sing Up For The Boys In Green‘ footie album which will be given a full runout to kick-start events. We’ve been bleating about this collection of songs for a while now and in case you hadn’t heard it here is a Irish football classic in waiting from Trim’s Youth Mass called ‘Sea of Green’ which is taken from the album. Feel those tingles and learn the words below! KD

Everybody’s happy and out on the street
Kids play football on every green
We all need something, a break from the bleak
When it comes this summer we’ll be on our feet

We look to the sky
With hope in our eyes
They’re on the field
We are a sea of green

Hanging from windows, from lamp posts to trees
These three colours are the colours we bleed
Turning on the TV at home and on the big screen
We are all together, and it’s together we scream

We look to the sky
With hope in our eyes
They’re on the field
We are a sea of green

Youth Mass – Sea of Green

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Year: 2012

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