Y̩ Y̩ РMy Story

When you enlist the likes of Sice Rowbottom (the Boo Radley’s), Mark Gardener (Ride) and Jon Auer (the Posies) for your album it might not too much of a stretch to expect a lavish feast of blazing 90’s melodies. And so French duo Yé Yé’s 2010 album ‘My Trap’ recalled a decade that seems so far away yet endlessly pops in for friendly company (mostly because we have an open door policy for music of its ilk). The duo behind the moniker, David Leloup and Fabrice Hubert, can mix it in high brow society too as they’ve curated sonic exhibitions for the Centre Georges Pompidou. For anyone with a penchant for a little ‘Giant Steps’ or ‘Going Blank Again’ this, the closing track to ‘My Trap’, should have you in raptures. Right down to the climactic brass closing credits which are simply shiver inducing. KD

Y̩ Y̩ РMy Story

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Year: 2010

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  1. gtracer
    June 27, 2012

    This song is great! Cant get enough

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