Slowdive – Crazy For You

For a young lad so obsessed with the ins and outs of ‘Just For A Day’ and ‘Souvlaki’ it came as some shock when Slowdive dreamed up with ‘Pygmalion’ (pigs ear more like). It was a million miles from its predecessors and on the second listen I abandoned it. Such was the horror of that impression I never returned, that was until a flip flop through lots of classic 90’s videos uncovered this gem (lo-fi rip but it suits just fine). Well, it had me in its grip almost immediately. You’d hardly notice it was something from the same group of people that wrote ‘Catch The Breeze’ but ‘Crazy For You’ boasts such a hypnotic swirl you can see where they were headed. Ultimately it was exit stage left but then such wonderful revisionism would result in Mojave 3 who have a long list of memorable albums to their name. And Rachel still looks ever so dishy. KD

Slowdive – Crazy For You

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Year: 1995

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