Acid Invaders – Now!

Suddenly I feel like letting my comb-over down. The Saturday night routine hasn’t slowly morphed into something entirely different it has instead catastrophically fallen off a cliff and smashed onto the jagged rocks below. All down to the loveable hugger mites and wouldn’t have it any other way. For the foreseeable this won’t be changing but now and then gaps do appear and drink inspired antics are given a good seeing too. It is at moments like this that I turn back the clock to the sounds of yesteryear or to the ones that purport to be from there. Pretty much all new electro music I hear you say and you’d be mostly right. There are so many tunes that are intent at flashing leg-warmers I tend to turn away. What’s odd is the lack of a meaningful supply of Acid House genuflection. Brussels’ Acid Invaders do offer a meaningful avenue though and this track, from their self-titled debut, just about about achieves a higher state of consciousness (wink wink). Now where’s me bourbon. KD

Acid Invaders – Now!

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Year: 2012

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