Elbow – The Birds

The fact that Elbow haven’t retreated up their own backsides since fame arrived on their doorstep makes them all the more loveable. Must have been that arduous trip to the top which saw their debut album stalled for years and a clutch of classics go relatively unnoticed before the world finally recognised the Bury group’s magnetic talent. I’m as guilty as the next man for retreating in my unwavering love for a band once they break but with Elbow things are different. Guy Garvey will always be his charming down to earth self and even if his band were to slip into lazy commercialism we would always have that voice of his. I’ve heard it up close about half a dozen times and it never fails to kickstart my inner sprinkling system. ‘The Birds’ is a relatively new addition to the band’s devastating list of epic spine chillers and gives us one more reason to love them like a newborn. KD

Elbow – The Birds

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Year: 2012

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