Violens – Unfolding Black Wings

Back in 2008 Brooklyn’s Violens ‘Violent Sensation Descends’ proved to our 11th favourite song of the year. It comprised of a montage of unforgettable melodies squeezed through the prism of a pair of psychedelic spectacles. Since then they’ve released several records and each one has passed us by to the same degree as the London Olympics. Thankfully though we had the good sense to right those wrongs for the thunder and lightning that is ‘Unfolding Black Wings’. Released in February this single has the rapid fluency of a Swimming number and the partially hidden vocal dynamics of a track from Chapterhouse’s ‘Whirlpool’. Needless to say it’s a blaze of glory set to music. KD

Violens – Unfolding Black Wings

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Year: 2012

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