Baffin Island – Sorry For Myself

Although it is the 5th biggest island in the world it is unlikely that many outside of a small knot of indie pop fans (and even smaller local population) has heard of Baffin. Sporting a barren but beautiful landscape it has nonetheless inspired a union between two bands separated by the great Atlantic expanse. Baffin Island were originally convened as part of a compilation of collaborations for Nordic label Eardrums Pop and consists of various members of Boise’s the Very Most and Glasgow’s the Hermit Crabs. The collective have since stepped things up and released a 4-track self-titled EP via WeePop!, the results of which are uniformly gorgeous. Opening track ‘Sorry For Myself’ is particularly arresting, even if it clocks in at less than 2 and half minutes. Melanie Whittle lo-fi’s her words but the abundant melodies remain unaffected, and things are further augmented by Jeremy Jensen’s sucrose background harmonies. Indie pop in decline, after listening to Baffin Island we’ll have nunavut. KD

Baffin Island – Sorry For Myself

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Year: 2012

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