Hospitality – Friends of Friends

The bands that catch our attention these days would most likely have caught our attention back in the 1990’s. The reason being that somewhere along the road to this new decade the innovators have stopped innovating, or to put it a different way have leaned too heavily on past glories. It was always thus to a certain extent but recently I can’t for the life of me find anything new emerging, a scene to catch us off-guard that offers a swell of like-minded souls charting a brand new direction. So while we wait for something new to happen there is impressive bands like Hospitality to keep the spirit of the late 20th century alive. Quite how Kansas lass Amber Papini has managed to make herself sound British (Emma Pollock for one) is anyone’s guess but this remains sterling stuff. Hospitality’s eponymous debut is out now on Merge Records. KD

Hospitality – Friends of Friends

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Year: 2012

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